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Content Creator

I collaborate with creative professionals in various areas of the digital marketplace, such as advertising & consulting agencies, human rights organizations, corporate businesses, the arts & culture sector and music industry.

My skill set:
Pre-production - Concept development, Storyboards, Location scouting, Scriptwriting.
Production - Directing, Camerawork, Lighting, Photography, Archiving & Backup management.
Post-production - Editing, Colour grading, VFX, Motion graphics, Sound design, Titles, Voice-overs.
Distribution - Mastering, DVD encoding, Web publication, Packaging design, Print.

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Recent Work

Small Cities Productions

1997 - 2007

Content Creator

Small Cities Productions was founded in 1997 in Den Helder, The Netherlands.

It served as a non-profit arts organization & label, releasing content by emerging digital artists and musicians in the early 90s. In collaboration with the notorious KBTV Film Group, Small Cities produced short films, installations, music, live performances and exhibitions. The collective filled the need for fresh and new perspectives in art and filmmaking for more than a decade, until it closed in 2007.

Click the link below, if you'd like to experience the VHS format in all its glory.

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    Toni Villar

    Tel: +31 6 15613323
    Email: smallcities[at]gmail[dot]com
    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands