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Hi there!

I've been working as a freelance cameraman, video editor, colorist and graphic illustrator for over 10 years and
have collaborated with many people in a variety of fields. My clients range from, human rights organizations,
corporate businesses, the entertainment industry, artists, musicians, etc.

What I do:
Pre-production - Concept development, Storyboards, Location scouting, Scriptwriting.
Production - Directing, Camerawork, Lighting, Photography, Archiving & Backup management.
Post-production - Editing, Colour grading, VFX, Motion graphics, Sound design, Titles, Voice-overs.
Distribution - Mastering, DVD encoding, Web publication, Packaging design, Print.

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    Toni Villar
    T: +27 (0)78 1845589
    The Netherlands: Amsterdam
    South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town